Antigua and Barbuda: Nomad Digital Residence (NDR)

Remote workers, self-employed people, and their family can move to Antigua and Barbuda for 2 years with a Nomad Digital Residence.



Antigua and Barbuda has 365 white sand beaches. Called the most romantic place in the Caribbean, it is well-known as a luxury destination with a high quality of living, well-developed infrastructure, and a safe, stable society. Its powerful passport has visa-free entry to the U.K. and the Schengen area.

Internet Speed

Fixed broadband: 18.75 Mbps download/12.12 Mbps upload

Cost of living

No. 24 globally 


$50,000 annual income


$1,500 for a single applicant

$2,000 for a couple

$3,000 for a family of 3+ 

Application Process

Apply online and pay the fees.

You will be notified by email if your application is approved.

Documents Required

Other documents may be requested. Documents should be submitted in English or with a notarized translation.

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