Barbados: Category 1 Special Entry and Reside Permit (SERP)

Major investors in Barbados can move there for at least 5 years (and maybe 10+) with a Category 1 Special Entry and Reside Permit (SERP).



The Category 1 Special Entry and Reside Permit (SERP) welcomes investors to Barbados for 5-10 years if the applicant is under 60 years old. After 60 years old, the permit is indefinite. 

SERP holders must declare tax residency in Barbados. The foreign currency tax credit (FCTC) could mean that SERP holders are paying a very low effective tax rate, depending on their personal situation.

Barbados offers year-round sunshine, pristine beaches, unique Bajan culture renowned for its hospitality, and historic architecture. 

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Internet Speed

Fixed broadband: 105.71 Mbps download/60.33 Mbps upload 

Cost of living

No. 13 globally 


$2 million invested in Barbados, in real estate, manufacturing, tourism, property development, bank deposit, or other financial instruments

$5 million individual net worth


Application Process

Inquire about applying at your local Barbados embassy or consulate.

Documents Required

All documents must be in English or translated to English. Other documents may be required.

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