Canada: Start-up Visa (SUV) Program

The Start-up Visa Program allows founders of approved startups to move to Canada with their family.



The Start-up Visa Program allows innovative entrepreneurs and their family to move to Canada permanently. 

Spanning North America with both Pacific and Atlantic coasts, Canada has unrivaled natural beauty and plenty of opportunities to explore—in fact, it’s the 2nd largest country in the world, but is home to only 0.48% of the world’s population. A progressive society committed to equality, Canada’s cosmopolitan cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver welcome people from around the world.

Internet Speed

Fixed broadband: 174.53 Mbps download/74.35 Mbps upload

Mobile: 85.91 Mbps download/ 12.34 Mbps upload

Cost of living

No. 26 globally 


$10,042 bank balance ($12,817 for a couple, $18,740 for a family of 4) for personal expenses.

Startup funded by an approved investor or accepted into an accelerator. Must have a letter of support from a designated organization

Startup must:

Startup should be based in Canada and meet business structure requirements. 

The Startup Visa Program is not valid in Quebec. 


Application Process

You can apply to this program online

You can also apply by mail. First, download the application forms from the application package. 

Fill them out on a computer, print the completed forms, and sign them by hand.

Pay your fees

Submit your documents by mail to the Centralized Intake Office (CIO) in Sydney, Nova Scotia. 

This visa takes 12-16 months to process. You may be asked to provide biometrics while your visa is processing.

You may be eligible to apply for a short-term work permit while you wait for your Start-up Visa to be processed.

Documents Required

Submit your documents by mail or online. Additional documents may be requested. Consult the official document checklist for details.

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