Costa Rica – Estancia Visa (Digital Nomad Visa)

Remote workers and freelancers can spend up to two years in Costa Rica with a new Digital Nomad Visa, which is proposed as changes to the Estancia Visa category.



Costa Rica is currently expanding their Estancia Visa to suit remote workers and freelancers. Check back for the latest news as it is updated!

Costa Rica attracts travelers with its two sunny coastlines, rugged mountains, and optimistic, laid-back “pura vida” (pure life) attitude. Its low cost of living, developed infrastructure, and strong health care system have long made it a retirement destination, and today remote workers are also seeing the advantages to living in this welcoming country.

Internet Speed

Fixed broadband: 47.93 Mbps download/12.23 Mbps upload

Mobile: 31.42 Mbps download/9.73 Mbps upload

Cost of living

No. 59 globally 

Income Requirements

$3,000 per month income ($4,000 for a family)


Application Process

This application is expected to be online. As more information is released, this page will be updated.

Documents Required

Documents required can include:

Other documents may be required.

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