Czech Republic: Živnostenský Visa (Remote Work Visa)

Freelance and self-employed workers can move to the Czech Republic/Czechia (and work for clients there) with the Živnostenský Visa. Sometimes called a Zivno visa, this visa is officially known as a Long-Stay Visa with Business Purpose of Stay.



The Czech Republic has the highest density of castles in Europe, with more than 2,000. This enchanting landscape encompasses the capitol city of Prague, a top tourist destination for its fairy-tale streets, relaxing spas, and delicious beer.

Czechia also tempts expats with its the low cost of living and central location in Europe.

For a Zivno visa, the applicant’s work must be related to the Czech Republic. For example, freelancers with Czech clients could qualify, but remote employees of companies abroad would not.

Internet Speed

Fixed broadband: 91.79 Mbps download/39.08 Mbps upload

Mobile: 62.07 Mbps download/18.58 Mbps upload

Cost of living

No. 66 globally



Application Process

Apply at your local Czech embassy or consulate. People of some nationalities can apply at any Czech embassy worldwide, but most will need to apply in their home country.

After you select your embassy, make an appointment and prepare your documents.

Appear in person for your appointment, with all of your documents. You will complete an interview at this time.

While your visa is processing, you may need to submit more documents or come back to the embassy for another interview.

This visa usually processes within 4 months. You will need to collect it in person at the same embassy.

Documents Required

All documents must be in Czech or officially translated into Czech. Many will need to be apostilled or certified.

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