Dominica: Citizenship by Investment

Considering its low cost and powerful passport offering visa-free entry to 140+ countries, Dominica's Citizenship by Investment program is arguably the world's best value program. 

Hurry, costs may increase in the future.



Dominica is called the “Nature Isle of the Caribbean’” due to its lush jungles, mountains, volcanic springs, waterfalls, and wildlife like parrots, whales, and dolphins. This English-speaking tropical island has well-developed infrastructure, transportation, hospitals, schools, and reliable internet. The cost of living in Dominica is low compared to North America, Western Europe, and many other Caribbean destinations like the Cayman Islands.

Internet Speed

Fixed broadband: 39.65 Mbps download/23.97 Mbps upload

Cost of living

No. 89 globally 


$100,000 in Economic Diversification Fund for a single applicant (Plus $50,000 for spouse and/or sibling, $25,000 for other dependent, or $175,000 for a family of 4)


$200,000 in real estate

Investments may increase in the future to $175,000 in EDF for an individual, $200,000 for a family of 4.


Application Process

Apply through an authorized agent.

Choose your investment path, gather your documentation, and pay your fees. Your agent will submit your application. You do not need to travel to Dominica to apply.

Many applicants receive approval within 3 months.

Make the investment or send the funds to escrow.

After you invest, your citizenship will be approved.

Your agent can help you apply for a passport.

Documents Required

Other documents may be required.

Submit documents in English or with a certified translation.

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