Finland: Startup Residence Permit

Founders of large-scale innovative startups can move to Finland and start a company there with the Startup Residence Permit. 2+ founders must apply together.



Finland’s Startup Permit suits innovative startups with at least 2 founders who plan to move to Finland. This powerful permit includes the right to work and allows startups to apply for funding.

Often appearing in lists of the world’s best places to live, Finland has a highly developed, egalitarian society with an extensive social safety net. With one of the world’s top educational systems, Finland is ideal for those who hope to raise a family in a safe, stable country.

Finns value sustainability and enjoy their nation’s unspoiled forests and wilderness. In this Nordic country, the winters are long, cold, and dark, but Finland could be a perfect choice for those who love cross country skiing, winter sports, or just curling up with a good book. 

Internet Speed

Fixed broadband: 128.04 Mbps download/49.68 Mbps upload

Mobile: 76.78 Mbps download/15.48 Mbps upload

Cost of living

No. 19 globally 


Business must have:

Each applicant needs income of $1,206/m or a bank balance of $14,472. Additional funds are required for family members (for example, $872/m income or $9,927 bank balance for spouse and more for each child under 18). 

Detailed requirements and an eligibility wizard are on the official site. 


Application Process

Apply for your Eligibility Statement from Business Finland. Use the Template for the Eligibility Statement Request provided on the official site.

Submit this request with your documents.

If you are approved, you will receive a positive response by email within 1 month.

Within 2 months of receiving your Eligibility Statement, apply for a residence permit from the Finnish Immigration Service. You can apply online or on paper.

Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to apply from abroad or within Finland.

Pay application fees online, at the embassy or consulate, or at an immigration service point. You will also need to make an appointment to appear in person.

The residence permit takes 1-2 months to process. 

Documents Required

Documents required can include:

Other documents may be required. Documents that are not in English, Finnish, or Swedish must be translated by an authorized translator.

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