France: French Tech Visa (Startup/Tech Employee Visa)

Tech workers with a job offer from an innovative company in France can move to France with a French Tech Visa.

French Tech Visas are also available for startup founders.



France’s tech community is growing, with support from the government and from driven, creative founders and dedicated investors. This makes France an ideal place to take a tech job.

Internet Speed

Fixed broadband: 192.25 Mbps download/137.82 Mbps upload

Mobile: 70.24 Mbps download/11.33 Mbps upload

Cost of living

No. 15 globally 


Job offer (for at least 3 months) from an approved company

Annual salary of $44,451+


Application Process

Get your official work offer/contract signed and stamped by your future employer. They should also give you a letter certifying that they are permitted to recruit through the French Tech Visa.

Take these papers and all other documentation to the French embassy or consulate in the country where you live and apply for a long-stay visa. Apply 3 months before you plan to go to France, but no earlier. (More information about applying for a long-stay visa).

Use the long-stay visa to enter France. Then take your documents to the préfecture (government administration office) local to where you live. They will issue you a 4-year residence permit.

If you already live in France, you can apply for the residence permit directly at your local prefecture.

Documents Required

You may also need:

Other documents may be required.

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