Indonesia: Second Home Visa (Remote Work Visa)

Indonesia’s Second Home Visa grants a 5 or 10-year tourist visa to anyone with $130,000 in a bank account. 



With dramatic beaches, a buzzing nightlife, a huge surfing scene, countless wellness options, and all for an affordable cost of living, Bali, Indonesia is at the top of the list for many planning their move abroad. Luckily, Indonesia’s Second Home Visa includes the right to live in Bali, which short-term tourist visas do not. But be sure to explore beyond Bali to Java, Borneo, the Gili islands, Sulawesi, and Indonesia’s many other natural and cultural treasures. 

The Second Home Visa allows you to work remotely for companies and clients outside of Indonesia. You could choose to invest in Indonesia if you meet additional requirements, but it’s not required for this visa.

Internet Speed

Fixed broadband: 22.36 Mbps download/10.65 Mbps upload

Mobile: 16.65 Mbps download/10.62 Mbps upload

Cost of living

No. 105 globally 

Income Requirements

$130,000 bank balance


Application Process

Apply online 

Documents Required

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