Italy – Italia Startup Visa (Startup Visa)

Startup entrepreneurs and their family members can move to Italy with an Italia Startup Visa. Teams can apply together, too.



Start your day with an espresso, meet on Zoom with your business partners around Italy and the EU, then stroll through Rome’s historic streets and finish your day with a pizza margherita and your favorite glass of Montepulciano. 

Startups in Italy have access to the entire EU market, a strategic location, a highly trained and creative workforce, and the country’s globally recognized high-quality brand.  

Teams of up to 5 founders (and in exceptional cases, 10) can apply together.

Internet Speed

Fixed broadband: 90.93 Mbps download/35.53 Mbps upload

Mobile: 190.87 Mbps download/12.60 Mbps upload

Cost of living

No. 26 globally 

Financial Requirements

$61,000 available for business needs, from personal resources, investors, or a combination


Application Process

These steps are for applying independently, but you can also apply through an Italian accelerator. Consult with your accelerator or read about the process online. 

Gather all required documents and submit them by email to the ISV Committee. You will receive approval and a Nulla Ostia ISV within 30 days.

Bring hard copies of your Nulla Ostia and all application materials to the Italian embassy or consulate in the country where you live. They will process your application for an Italia Startup Visa (1-year startup self-employment visa).

Use this visa to enter Italy. Within 8 days of arriving, take 2 postal bulletins (1 of €30.46 and 1 of €50.00), a €16.00 marca da bollo (revenue stamp), a photocopy of your passport (including all pages), 2 35mm x 45mm passport photos, and proof of your accommodation to the local police station (Questura). Be sure to make an appointment in advance. They will issue you a 1-year self-employment residence permit.

After 1 year (60 days before your permit expires), you can renew your residence permit by bringing your certificate of incorporation and proof of income to the police station. You will receive a 2-year self-employment residence permit. 

PDF summary of the application process (including both individual applications and applying through an accelerator) 

Documents Required

For initial application:

For later steps:

Other documents may be required.

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