Japan: Startup Visa

Japan's Startup Visa gives founders up to 1 year to move to Japan, start their business, and meet the requirements to apply for a full Business Manager Visa.



To start a business in Japan, you typically need a Business Manager Visa. However, the requirements for this visa are strict, like creating jobs and having a physical office. The Startup Visa allows you to move to Japan and spend 1 year preparing to meet these requirements, and then apply for a Business Manager Visa at the end of that year. 

Japanese fluency is not required, but it is helpful, as all documents and processes are in Japanese. 

Apply for a Startup Visa through the regional hub local to your business. These hubs support your efforts to meet the requirements, through resources like workspace, language assistance, and help with laws and bureaucracy. 

The regional hubs are in Aichi Prefecture, Fukuoka City, Gifu Prefecture, Hokkaido, Ibaraki Prefecture, Kobe City, Kyoto Prefecture, Mie Prefecture, Oita Prefecture, Osaka City, Sendai City, Shibuya City Office, and Yokohama City.

Internet Speed

Fixed broadband: 176.48 Mbps download/150.30 Mbps upload

Mobile: 60.36 Mbps download/ 11.76 Mbps upload

Cost of living

No. 12 globally 


Requirements such as business type and plan vary depending on the regional hub where you apply.


Application Process

Apply through your regional hub. Each hub has different requirements and processes.

After the municipal/regional hub approves your application, business plan, and other documents, you will apply with the Immigration Services Agency for a Startup Visa.

This visa takes 2+ months to process.

Documents Required

Other documents may be requested.

Documents required vary depending on the regional hub where you apply.

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