Mauritius: Occupation Permit (Startup Visa)

An Occupation Permit allows startup founders and investors in an innovative startup to move to Mauritius. No minimum investment is specified, but business plan must be approved.



The tropical island nation of Mauritius is well-known for its striking multicolored sand dunes, beautiful nature, and outdoor activities like scuba and golf. Located off the coast of Africa and Madagascar, Mauritius has a diverse and welcoming culture combining African, Asian, Indian, and French elements.

Internet Speed

Fixed broadband: 20.32 Mbps download/10.89 Mbps upload

Mobile: 25.14 Mbps download/11.09 Mbps upload

Cost of living

No. 52 globally 



Application Process

Apply online 

People from some countries can also enter Mauritius visa free or on a tourist visa and apply for an Occupation Permit from within the country.

Documents Required

Documents must be in English or French. If they are in another language, they should be submitted with a certified translation. Other documents may be required. 

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