Mexico: Temporary Residence (Investors)

A Temporary Residence Visa allows investors to move to Mexico for up to 4 years.

Benefits (6 bullets)


Mexico is renowned for its welcoming culture, amazing music, delicious regional food, and sunny weather. It also offers a low cost of living and easy access to the USA, South America, and Europe, making it a great place to start a business.

Internet Speed

Fixed broadband: 48.35 Mbps download/19.52 Mbps upload

Mobile: 35.44 Mbps download/13.89 Mbps upload

Cost of living

No. 104 globally 

Financial Requirements

Investment paths include:


Application Process

Apply with your documents at a Mexican embassy or consulate abroad (schedule an appointment). You may be asked to complete an interview in English or Spanish and you will pay $44+ for the visa.

Your visa should be processed within a few days.

When you enter Mexico, you have 30 days to process a Temporary Residence Card. First, fill out the request form

Complete the Formato Basico and the FMM form you received upon entry to Mexico.

Bring your documents, a letter of request, your passport, and the $218 fee with you to your appointment. Your first residence card will be issued for 1 year, but it can be extended up to 4 years.

Documents Required

Proof of finances and your ability to make the investment, which could include:

Other documents may be required.

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