Montserrat: Remote Work Stamp (Digital Nomad Visa)

High-earning remote workers, self-employed people, and freelancers can spend up to one year in Montserrat.



Montserrat welcomes remote workers and self-employed people with one of the Caribbean’s more accessible digital nomad visas.

The beautiful volcanic island of Montserrat has some of the Caribbean’s most unspoiled natural beauty and is an excellent destination for hiking and diving among healthy coral reefs. You can also explore Montserrat’s black sand beaches, some of which were newly created by volcanic activity. Both the names of people and places (like Cork Hill) reflect Montserrat’s historic connection to Ireland, and Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated as a weeklong holiday.

Instead of major resorts, Montserrat offers small guesthouses and villas. Montserrat’s inhabitants are also known for hospitality and friendliness, which stand out even in the Caribbean.

Internet Speed

ISPs in Montserrat offer speeds of 5-25 Mbps.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Montserrat is slightly lower than that of North America or Northern Europe. Montserrat is a moderately-priced Caribbean destination—it is less expensive than the Cayman Islands, and more expensive than Dominica. 

Income Requirements

$70,000 per year income

Self-employed applicants need proof of business incorporation.


Application Process

Apply online.

This visa takes 7 working days to process. Track your application from the site.

If your nationality does not have visa-free entry to Montserrat, you should apply for a visa online. Obtain your visa before applying for the Remote Work Stamp.

Documents Required

Other documents may be requested.

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