Estonian Digital Nomad Visa

Remote workers, self-employed people, and freelancers can spend 1 year in Estonia with the Digital Nomad Visa.


  • Apply from abroad or in Estonia
  • Bring family
  • Approved in 1 month
  • Moderate income requirements
  • Travel in Estonia and E.U.
  • Low application fee


During your year in Estonia, you can explore its unique Baltic culture, gourmet food scene, and expansive forests untouched by mass tourism, as well as Tallinn’s well-preserved medieval architecture.

Estonia is sometimes called the most online society due to its broad acceptance of digital technology in day-to-day life, such as its burgeoning tech scene, widespread Wi-Fi, extensive online portals for business and government services, and eResidency for digital identities and business. This makes it an ideal environment to work online or start a business.

With its straightforward application, Estonia’s Digital Nomad Visa may be the easiest way for remote workers to spend a year in Europe.

Internet Speed

Fixed broadband: 78.58 Mbps download/59.60 Mbps upload Mobile: 57.82 Mbps download/13.79 Mbps upload Estonian Speedtest

Cost of living

No. 41 globally

Income requirements

$4,253 per month required income. You’ll need proof of this income (like pay stubs or bank statements) for the previous 6 months.


$122 application fee ($98 for less than 3 months)

Application process

Fill out, print, and sign the application form here. Choose the Estonian long-stay visa (D-visa) if you plan to stay longer than 90 days.

Make an appointment at the Estonian embassy or consulate to turn in your documents.

Wait 1 month for approval.

If you are already in Estonia, you can apply for a Digital Nomad Visa at the Police and Border Guard Board office. Be sure that at least 1 month remains on your current visa to allow for the visa processing time.

Only certain embassies can process these applications, so if you are from a country that has visa-free entry to Estonia, it may be easier to apply for your Digital Nomad Visa from within Estonia.

Documents required:

  • Passport that will be valid for at least 3 months after the visa would expire
  • Completed and signed application form
  • 35 x 45 mm passport photo
  • Proof of travel and medical insurance
  • Biometrics/fingerprints
  • Proof of payment for visa fee

Documents to prove your status as a remote worker, such as:

  • Proof of your income for the past 6 months, indicating amount, regularity, and source
  • Proof that you can work online using telecommunications technology (such as a letter written by your employer confirming your ability to work)
  • Proof that you are currently working, such as employment or freelance contracts
  • Other written evidence of your freelance work (such as emails confirming business arrangements)
  • Description of your work and professional life
  • Tax returns
  • Certificate from a relevant professional body
  • Other documentary evidence relevant to your profession

Other documents may be required.

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