Remote Work Visa for Iceland

The Work in Iceland Program allows high-earning remote workers and self-employed people to spend up to six months exploring Iceland.


  • Approved in 1 month
  • 0% tax
  • Bring family
  • Straightforward application
  • Dramatic nature
  • Includes Iceland and Schengen area


Enjoy Reykjavik’s seaside town atmosphere during the week and spend your weekends exploring Iceland’s dramatic natural attractions. Visit active volcanoes, hike verdant green mountains, visit glaciers, see the Northern Lights and the midnight sun, and relax in volcanic springs like the Blue Hole, all just a short drive from the capital. You’ll also experience Iceland’s egalitarian society, which is forward-thinking while it maintains a strong connection to the nation’s history and culture.

Internet Speed

Iceland has widespread fiber-internet connectivity, with the majority of people having access to high-speed internet.

Cost of living

No. 4 globally

Income Requirements

$7,715 per month income ($10,030 per month for a family)

This income must be monthly from employment or self-employment—a large bank balance will not be accepted in place of monthly income.

Applicant must be from a country with visa-free entry to Iceland ( complete list here).


$60 per person

Application process

Pay the visa application fee first, by bank transfer, following instructions here.

Fill out a separate application for each applicant. Then submit the application on paper to the Directorate of Immigration. You could choose to mail the application or to enter Iceland visa free and take the application to the office in person. The address is:

Directorate of Immigration Dalvegur 18, 201 Kópavogur Iceland

After the application is received, it takes 1 month to process. You will be notified if your visa is approved, and it will be issued when you enter Iceland. It will be valid for 180 days.

If you are already in Iceland, when you are approved, your visa will be valid for 180 days total (minus the time you have already spent in Iceland).

If you apply from within the Schengen Area, but outside of Iceland, your visa will be valid for a total of 90 days.

Documents required:

All documents must be submitted in hard copy, on paper:

  • Receipt for payment, including applicant’s name and birth date (in format)
  • Completed application
  • 1 35 mm x 45 mm passport photo, taken in the past 6 months
  • Copy of passport, including the information and signature pages, all visas, and all stamps indicating entry and exit from the Schengen zone in the past year (passport must be valid at least 3 months past visa expiry)
  • Proof of health insurance, including policy locations and dates
  • Purpose of stay and remote work, such as a letter from an employer or proof of self-employment
  • Proof of income ($$7,715 per month or $10,030 per month for a couple or family), such as an employment or self-employment contract
  • Criminal record check, if requested
  • If applying with a spouse or partner, include marriage certificate or documents indicating 1 year of cohabitation
  • If applying with a child, include a birth certificate, information on the child’s educational plans and, if relevant, custody documents, divorce documentation, or the other parent’s death certificate

Copies are accepted for submission, but during the process, some documents may be requested as originals, apostilled or otherwise certified. Consider gathering these documents before you leave your home country.

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