Investment Visa for Mauritius

People who purchase a residential or investment property worth at least $375,000 are eligible for Mauritius’s Property Development Scheme (PDS) , which includes a 20-year Residence Permit.


  • 20-year residence permit
  • Relatively low cost of investment
  • Easily bring family (including parents)
  • Path to Permanent Residence
  • Low tax rate and protection from double taxation


The tropical island nation of Mauritius is well-known for its striking multicolored sand dunes, beautiful nature, and outdoor activities like scuba and golf. Located off the coast of Africa and Madagascar, Mauritius has a diverse and welcoming culture combining African, Asian, Indian, and French elements.

The PDS suits both large developers and individuals buying a residence. Detailed guidelines are here. Mauritius also welcomes many kinds of investors with a wide range of schemes , some granting a Residence Permit, tax advantages, or other incentives.


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No. 52 globally


Investment options start at $375,000.


Visa application is free.


Most countries don’t need a visa to enter Mauritius. First, check your country’s status here.

If your country has visa-free entry, you can apply for the Residence Permit and PDS from within Mauritius after buying a property.

Attaining the PDS is a complicated process that can include property purchase, site visits, development planning, permitting, and coordination with local authorities.

In general, the application steps are:

  • 1) Submit your documents (offline application)
  • 2) Complete a site visit by Economic Development Board
  • 3) Receive letter of approval from EDB
  • 4) Receive any necessary permits and licenses
  • 5) Receive PDS Certificate

    Personal documents required for Residence Permit (for individuals):

    • Application form
    • Authenticated copy of passport
    • Authenticated copy of birth certificate
    • Certificate of morality
    • Medical letter
    • 2 passport photos
    • Similar documents are required for spouse or any dependents

    For the PDS:

    • Application form
    • Depending on your situation, required documents can be extensive and may include a business plan, certificate of incorporation, details of stakeholders, title deed, site plans, artistic rendering, proof of funds, and a Social Impact Assessment