Latvia Investment Visa – E.U.’s Cheapest

Investors can move to Latvia after investing in business, real estate, or securities, with a path to permanent residence.


  • Bring family
  • No physical residency required
  • E.U.’s cheapest real estate residency by investment
  • Renewable after 5 years
  • Tech savvy society
  • Beautiful nature


Latvia’s Residency by Investment program is the cheapest real estate investment residency scheme in the E.U., requiring just $298,000.

Latvia is a highly digital, forward-looking society with a trilingual, educated workforce, at the heart of the Baltic states and well-connected to the E.U. and North America. Latvia’s business-friendly environment also offers lenient taxes.

Latvia has four beautiful seasons and abundant access to nature (87% of the country is either forest or seashore). Its capital city, Riga, has full wi-fi connectivity, a vibrant café and nightlife scene, and renowned museums, at a lower cost of living than many European capitals.


Fixed broadband: 128.35 Mbps download/127.54 Mbps upload Mobile: 42.04 Mbps download/10.86 Mbps upload Latvia Speedtest.


No. 58 globally


Investment options include:

  • $298,000 in real estate (plus a 5% government fee)
  • $60,000 in a major Latvian company (plus $12,000 government fee)
  • $333,000 deposited in in a Latvian bank for 5 years (plus $30,000 government fee)
  • $298,000 in interest-free bonds (plus a $45,000 government fee)

No physical residency is required.

Must have financial ability to support family.


Fees vary depending on investment path.


Apply at your local Latvian embassy or online here.

This visa takes 3 months to process.

Obtaining an investment visa can be a complex process, and you may choose to engage an experienced lawyer.


Documents required vary depending on your nationality, investment path, and personal situation. Full document checklists are available here.

Documents for real estate investment can include:

  • Passport
  • Completed application form form or online application
  • 1 passport photo (30 mm x 40 mm, on white background)
  • Document confirming financial means of subsistence
  • Document confirming real estate payment by non-cash settlement
  • Document confirming no real estate tax debt
  • Official real estate appraisal
  • Proof of payment of state fee
  • Evidence of relationship to dependents, such as marriage and birth certificates
  • Certificate of clean criminal record (citizens of these countries are exempt from this requirement)

After your application is accepted, provide:

  • Proof of health insurance
  • Medical certificate confirming you do not have tuberculosis
  • Accommodation details in Latvia