Portugal D7 Visa

Portugal’s D7 visa program allows people who earn an income remotely to obtain residency in Portugal, making this one of Europe’s most achievable visa programs for remote workers and the financially independent.


  • Path to Permanent Residence and citizenship
  • Access to public health care
  • Right to work
  • Includes family
  • Favorable tax laws
  • Low required income


Warm and welcoming, Portugal is known for its rich history, artisanal foods, and dramatic coastline tempting surfers with tremendous waves. Experience Lisbon’s creative culture, taste famous wines in Porto and Madeira, or relax in the Algarve. As a resident of Portugal, you can also watch the fog roll in over the sea while spotting whales in the Azores, a center for sustainability and adventure travel.


Fixed broadband: 150.39 Mbps download/ 67.56 Mbps upload Mobile: 51.93 Mbps download/13.46 Mbps upload Portugal Speedtest


No. 50 globally


Annual income of $8,770 required (plus $4,385 for each additional adult and $2,631 per child). A bank balance or other proof of funds are also accepted.


Visa fee varies based on your nationality and other factors, but it is generally between $56-$337.


Apply for a temporary D7 visa in your home country—this visa is valid for four months. Upon arriving in Portugal, visit the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service to apply for your residence permit. (Make your appointment immediately, as it can take months in larger cities). You’ll complete your interview in person, present your documents, and obtain your residence permit.

Your first residence permit is valid for one year, and it can be renewed twice (two years each time). You must spend 16 months in the first 2 years in Portugal, then 28 months in the next 3 years. After 5 years, you’re eligible to apply for Permanent Residency.


Documents required for a temporary D7 Visa can include:

  • Completed application form
  • Passport, valid at least 10 months
  • Two passport photos
  • Proof of income from outside of Portugal
  • Six months of bank statements
  • Evidence of one year’s accommodation (for example, a lease or deed)
  • Police check
  • Travel and health insurance

Documents required for a Residence Permit can include:

  • Passport and D7 Visa
  • Evidence of accommodation, finances, and insurance (the same ones submitted prior)
  • Other documents depending on your situation