Singapore: Global Investor Programme (GIP) (Investment Visa)

Major investors and their family can move to Singapore permanently.



Singapore is one of Asia’s top business hubs and may offer the region’s best standard of living, thanks to its stable, multicultural society, well-developed infrastructure, innovative development, commitment to environmental protection, and year-round sunshine. Singapore is also home to one of the world’s best street food scenes and 40+ Michelin-starred restaurants. 

Internet Speed

Fixed broadband: 252.68 Mbps download/230.06 Mbps upload

Mobile: 86.96 Mbps download/19.96 Mbps upload

Cost of living

No. 11 globally 


Applicant must have a "substantial business track record and successful entrepreneurial background." 

Must meet stringent requirements for background and net worth.

$1.85+ million invested. 

Established Business Owners:

Next Generation Business Owners:

Founders of Fast Growth Companies:

Family Office Principals:

Established Business Owners, Next Generation Business Owners, and Founders of Fast Growth Companies can invest $1.85+ million in a new company, a business expansion, a GIP fund that invests in Singapore, or a family office with $149+ million under management.

Family Office Principals can invest $1.85+ million in a family office with $149+ million under management.

The following industries qualify: Aerospace Engineering, Alternative Energy/Clean Technology, Automotive, Chemicals, Consumer Business (e.g. flavors and fragrances, food ingredients, nutrition, home and personal care), Electronics, Energy, Engineering Services, Healthcare, Infocomm Products & Services, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Marine & Offshore Engineering, Media & Entertainment, Medical Technology, Nanotechnology, Natural Resources (e.g. metals, mining, agri-commodities), Safety & Security, Space, Shipping, Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology, Precision Engineering, Professional Services (e.g. consulting, design), Arts Businesses, Visual arts businesses (e.g. auction houses, art logistics/storage), Performing arts businesses, Sports Businesses, Family Office & Financial Services


Application Process

Apply online.

First, submit your application forms. Then, you will complete an interview.

If your application is approved, you’ll be granted Approval-in-Principle (AIP) status, which is valid for 6 months.

Make the investment within those 6 months.

Submit proof of the investment to receive final approval.

Finalize your residence in Singapore within 12 months. 

Documents Required

Depending on investment path, supporting documents may include:

Other documents may be requested.

Documents may be required in original and hardcopy.

Fact sheet with detailed list of documents 

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