Singapore: EntrePass (Startup Visa)

Startup entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors can move to Singapore with an EntrePass.



An EntrePass helps startup founders, creators of innovative technology, and major investors move to Singapore.

Singapore is one of Asia’s top business hubs and may offer the region’s best standard of living, thanks to its stable, multicultural society, well-developed infrastructure, innovative development, commitment to environmental protection, and year-round sunshine. Singapore is also home to one of the world’s best street food scenes and 40+ Michelin-starred restaurants. 

Internet Speed

Fixed broadband: 252.68 Mbps download/230.06 Mbps upload

Mobile: 86.96 Mbps download/19.96 Mbps upload

Cost of living

No. 11 globally 


Qualifying business or business plan, meeting quotas for investment, funding, income, and job creation.

If business has been started, it should be less than 6 months old and registered with Singapore’s Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (or you should plan to register it after you receive your EntrePass).

Business must be venture-backed or have innovative technologies. 

Applicant must hold at least 30% of company shares and meet qualifications for Entrepreneur, Innovator, or Investor track.

Entrepreneurs must meet at least 1 of the following requirements:

Innovators must meet at least 1 of the following requirements:

Investors must:

Certain types of business are not eligible, including food service, night life, massage parlors, traditional Chinese medicine, employment agencies, and geomancers.

To bring family

Business must meet requirements for business investment and local job creation


Application Process

Apply online here. 

Complete and sign the application form and submit your payment using PayNow or Telegraphic.

Submit your form online here if you have SingPass or here if you do not.

Your application should be processed in 8 weeks (check application status). 

Upon approval, you will receive an in-principle approval (IPA) letter by email. You then have 6 months to enter Singapore. 

When you have arrived in Singapore, you can request your EntrePass online or in person. You will receive a temporary notification letter valid for 1 month. 

Submit your fingerprints, photo, and any additional documentation. Your EntrePass card will be mailed to you 4 working days after you submit your documentation.

Documents Required

All applicants require:

Entrepreneurs, Innovators, and Investors require additional documents, depending on their track. Full list is here. 

Additional documents may be requested.

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