Taiwan: Employment Gold Card (Remote Work Visa)

With the Taiwan Employment Gold Card, self-employed people, freelancers, and professionals in numerous fields can move to Taiwan and receive the right to work there.



Taiwan’s Employment Gold Card is one of the most flexible visas that remote workers can access, since it includes the right to work and suits professionals in numerous fields (not only remote workers). It also offers a path to permanent residence in Taiwan for you and your family.

Taiwan is an affordable and safe destination that welcomes international residents. Life in Taiwan’s highly developed cities is fast paced, with a delicious street food scene and plenty of entertainment. In more rural areas, you can unwind in picturesque mountains or on tropical beaches. Reliable public transportation connects all parts of this beautiful island nation.

Internet Speed

Fixed broadband: 147.13 Mbps download/ 92.48 Mbps upload

Mobile: 74.62 Mbps download/15.29 Mbps upload

Cost of living

No. 34 globally 


Applicants must pass the points system, which suits professionals and self-employed people in fields including athletics, finance, architecture, publishing, arts, teaching, research, STEM, as well as executives, managers, and people with advanced degrees. 

Use the Qualification Quick Check to see if you qualify. 

$5,713 per month in income usually qualifies.

Self-employed people must live in Taiwan for 6 months before applying.


Application Process

First, use the Qualification Quick Check to see if you qualify. 

Next, apply online and submit your documents. Pay the fees and verify your email address.

Log into the online portal to check your application status and provide supplementary documents, if required.

You’ll receive an invitation to have your passport inspected at the Bureau of Consular Affairs or an ROC mission or office.

If you are approved, pick up your Gold Card in Taiwan. 

If you’re applying from abroad, download an approval letter and use this to enter Taiwan. Then pick up your Gold Card in Taiwan.

This application should process in about two months.

Detailed instructions for the online application

Documents Required

Documents should be submitted in English or Chinese, or with certified translations.

Applicants from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau will need to submit additional documents.

Basic document checklist

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