Taiwan: Entrepreneur Visa (Startup Visa)

Entrepreneurs can move to Taiwan to start a business (or spend 1 year preparing to start their business) with the Entrepreneur Visa.



Taiwan’s Startup Visa is a flexible way for entrepreneurs and startup founders to move to Taiwan. The visa grants you 1 year to plan your business. The Startup Visa can be renewed after 1 year if you meet qualifications for revenue, employment, or economic contribution.

Taiwan is an affordable and safe destination that welcomes international residents. Life in Taiwan’s highly developed cities is fast paced, with a delicious street food scene and plenty of entertainment. In more rural areas, you can unwind in picturesque mountains or on tropical beaches. Reliable public transportation connects all parts of this beautiful island nation.

Internet Speed

Fixed broadband: 147.13 Mbps download/ 92.48 Mbps upload

Mobile: 74.62 Mbps download/15.29 Mbps upload

Cost of living

No. 34 globally 


Your business (or future business) has numerous ways to qualify for this visa.

You must meet just one of many requirements, such as:


Application Process

You can apply within Taiwan from the Bureau of Consular Affairs or from a Taiwanese embassy or consulate abroad.

If you are approved, you will be issued a visa to enter Taiwan (if you’re abroad).

Pick up your residence permit in Taiwan, within 15 days of arriving.

This visa takes 2-3 weeks to process from within Taiwan, or around 6 weeks from abroad.

Applying to an accelerator or incubator in Taiwan can allow you to be pre-approved for the visa.

Documents Required

Applicants from Mainland China or Hong Kong will be asked to submit additional documents.

Documents should be submitted in English or Chinese, or with a certified translation.

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