Thailand: Smart S (Startup) Visa

Startup founders can move to Thailand with their family for 6 months to 2 years with a Smart S Visa.



Beautiful beaches, entrancing jungles, tropical weather, uniquely delicious food, and friendly people tempt many travelers to stay in Thailand permanently. Combine these benefits with a low cost of living, booming economy, and a central location in Southeast Asia, and it’s clear why Thailand is an ideal place to start a business. 

Long-term visas to Thailand are typically difficult to obtain, but the Smart Visa welcomes innovators and entrepreneurs. In particular, this program targets these industries: Next-Generation Automotive;  Smart Electronics; Affluent, Medical, and Wellness Tourism; Agriculture and Biotechnology; Food for the Future; Automation and Robotics; Aviation and Logistics; Biofuels and Biochemicals; Digital; Medical Hub; Human Resource Development in Science and Technology; Environmental Management and Renewable Energy.

Internet Speed

Fixed broadband: 214.28 Mbps download/166.46 Mbps upload

Mobile: 50.28 Mbps download/15.75 Mbps upload

Cost of living

No. 75 globally


Several tiers of eligibility exist. 

6-month visa: 

1-year visa, with the right to work for applicant and spouse:

2-year visa, with the right to work for applicant and spouse: 


Application Process

Apply online. Complete the application form and upload all documents in PDF.

You will get a response within 30 working days.

If you are approved, apply for the Smart Visa from your local Thai embassy or consulate. You can also apply within Thailand at these processing centers:

Read the instructions then print out and complete these forms and bring cash to pay visa fees.

After your appointment, you will receive your visa within 60 days.

Documents Required

Full checklist and description of pitch deck 

Documents required vary based on your tier and situation. All applicants require:

Other required documents could include:

Other documents may be requested. Documents should be submitted in English or with a certified translation.

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