U.K.: Innovator Visa (Startup Visa)

The Innovator Visa allows experienced entrepreneurs to move to the U.K. with their family permanently by investing in an innovative startup.

If you are a new entrepreneur with no capital to invest in your startup, you may be interested in a Startup Visa.



The home of Shakespeare, the Beatles, James Bond, Harry Potter, and innumerable other icons, the U.K. is one of Europe’s cultural centers. Its bustling cities are known for world-class museums, music, fashion, and dining, while picturesque villages offer a slow, bucolic lifestyle.

Internet Speed

Fixed broadband: 92.63 Mbps download/26.55 Mbps upload

Mobile: 78.12 Mbps download/12.56 Mbps upload

Cost of living

No. 28 globally 



Application Process

Apply online

You may need to appear for an appointment in person.

The application should be processed in 3 weeks if you apply from outside the U.K. or 8 weeks if applying from inside the U.K.

Documents Required

Other documents may be required. Documents should be in English or Welsh, or submit them with a certified translation. 

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